PS Audio - exciting things ahead in 2023

2023 looks to be an exciting year for PS Audio with lots of new products to look forward to.

We've been given a sneak peak into what next year will look like for PS Audio fans...


PS Audio Loudspeakers – FR30 & FR20

Following the enormous success of the recent PS Audio FR30 speaker launch, PS Audio are almost ready to launch their next loudspeaker the FR20.

The FR30 has taken the high-end world by storm with rave reviews. Make sure to look out for a review of the FR30 from Paul Miller (Editor) of Hifi News. Insiders say Paul was blown away with the PS Audio FR30 stating “the FR30s were they best speaker by far he has heard in the past 18 months and there were some significantly more expensive speakers reviewed”.

Likewise we love the FR30 too, a very special speaker and in a class of their own. We have them on demonstration in our Hull showroom and have sold one set and are set to install another pair before the New Year!

The FR20 is a scaled down version of the FR30, Paul McGowan has said the FR20 was “a real eye opener and is very close to the FR30 performance and pedigree”. The FR20 is set to retail for £19,000.

DirectStream Dac Mk2

Using galvanic isolation the new DirectStream Dac 2 is a significant upgrade to the highly revered original DS Dac. The DS2 is purely a DAC and is does not have the capacity for an add in Network card to stream like the original DS Dac, it has an analogue output and a gain so can go directly in to a power amp/s if required. PS Audio are focussed on separating the streaming from the processing to maximise the ability of the their new products. The new DSD MK2 will retail for £8000, we have an estimated delivery date of February 2023.


Air Lens

PS Audio’s streaming solution will be called the Air Lens. A separate streaming unit built specifically to maximise and take the potential of streaming to a new level. The Air Lens retail is set to be around £2,500 with an estimated delivery around April/May 2023.


BHK 600 Signature Monos

The current issue of Hifi News has the world exclusive review of PS Audio’s BHK600 Signature Mono amplifiers. The review awards it “Outstanding product” and recognises “these heavyweight hybrids will power any speaker with total control and ease”. The BHK600s are £32000 and reveal PS Audio’s ambition to mix it with the heavyweight audio manufacturers just a more affordable price point as always.

We currently have the BHK600s in our demonstration room at the moment to go along with the are with the BHK Pre amplifier and Aspen FR30s.


Darren Myers Signature Phono Preamplifier

Darren Myers was the designer behind the highly acclaimed Stellar Phono, now he has turned his attention to a new Signature Phono Preamplifier. Naturally, the Stellar range is more affordable but with PS Audio wanting to raise the bar Darren has been working on a new Signature Phono Preamplifier which will be a hybrid linking in perfectly with the BHK range of products. We've been told the DM Signature Phono is near completion but do not have a launch date just yet.....more info to follow as we get it


Stella Strata integrated amplifier MK2

The Stella Strata MK2 will be released shortly. The new Strata MK2 will have a built in phono as opposed to a streamer.

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