Exposure Hi-Fi

Exposure have been building class leading HiFi in West Sussex since 1974. They regularly get awarded accolades by the British HiFi press for the "rightness" of their sound, think delicate treble, open mid-range, all built on a foundation of deep, yet agile bass. Thesy produce full width seperates and to complement this there is the Exposure XM series. This is a half width series for people who need to compromise on space but not on sound quality. As well as amplification Exposure Hifi produce CD source components and DACs.

On the outside, Exposure products are simple, clean and elegant. Robustly built, they offer friendly features and clear controls. Exposure believe that the best place for all the complex engineering is on the inside, where decades of research and development go into producing that renowned musical performance.

Exposure are proud to be a British company based in the south of England. Their products are British from design to finish.


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