Sennheisser Headphones have a dedicated demonstration area within our store.

Adding to our growing catalogue of high end headphones including Audeze and Fostex, we are now Sennheiser Club Orpheus dealers.

For decades now, Sennheiser has been pushing the boundaries of what a pair of headphones can possibly convey. Drawing on over 70 years of audio expertise in live sound recording and reproduction.

Club Orpheus is a network of handpicked high-end audio dealers in the UK and Ireland that offers a range of exclusive benefits to their customers.

The name Club Orpheus is derived from the world’s most expensive headphones developed by Sennheiser in the early 1990s, when Sennheiser set out on a mission to design the best headphones ever, irrespective of time taken and overall cost. Thus, creating the Orpheus, which became a legend. Only 300 systems were ever made and quickly sold to music lovers all around the world.

In recognition of this ground-breaking success, Club Orpheus was formed in 2012 and we are glad to be associated with it.

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