Wharfedale Speakers

Wharfedale Wireless Works was founded by Gilbert Briggs in the cellar of his home in Ilkley, West Yorkshire in 1932.

They quickly became one of Britain's leading manufacturers of audiophile equipment, particularly loudspeakers. Innovations introduced by Wharfedale under Briggs included such basics as the two-way loudspeaker and the ceramic magnet.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Wharfedale became famous for its technique of eliminating cabinet resonances by using a double cabinet, with the space between the inner and outer shells filled with sand. Purchasers of the loudspeaker systems would receive the appropriate quantity of sand which had been shipped from Wharfedale in England (Wharfedale in Yorkshire is the site of numerous sand quarries).


Today Wharfedale are a leading force in the extremely competitive commercial and professional audio equipment market.

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